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Acquire new skills to launch, run, scale your venture idea. Application deadline July 5

Mark Zuckerberg’s message to entrepreneurs and innovators of the future: “But let me tell you a secret: no one does when they begin. Ideas don’t come out fully formed. They only become clear as you work on them. You just have to get started. If I had to understand everything about connecting people before I began, I never would have started Facebook”.

The words spoken by the world-famous social network founder a few days ago at Harvard's graduation ceremony, could be subscribed by thousands of entrepreneurs who have turned their dreams and venture ideas into successful companies with the help of Silicon Valley venture capitalists, university professors and local professionals.

There is no rule or secret recipe that allows startups incubated in a garage to grow into international giants such as Microsoft, Google, PayPal, Airbnb or LinkedIn. There is, however, a common way of thinking and developing projects that makes the Bay Area around Menlo Park, the most innovative place in the world. We call it the “Silicon Valley Mindset”.

To capture this special "mindset", TVLP Institute of Silicon Valley developed the "Technology Venture Launch Program", which will take place this Summer in 4 editions, starting from July 10, 2017 for participants from different countries of the world. The program is offered in both, a 3-week format (for accelerating a venture project) and the express 1-week version for those with limited time. Express is also offered in "Executive" format: only 3 days with classes and mentoring for super busy professionals. Applications will be accepted at www.TVLP.co

International giants also bet on the Silicon Valley mindset. The South Korean conglomerate LG sent its top managers to the TVLP Institute. The California Institute – TVLP - is creating the largest global community of innovators from more than 28 countries. “An entrepreneurial culture thrives when it is easy to try lots of new ideas”, Zuckerberg explained to Harvard graduates. “Facebook wasn’t the first thing I built. JK Rowling got rejected 12 times before publishing Harry Potter. Even BeyoncĂ© had to make hundreds of songs to get a Halo. The greatest successes come from having the freedom to fail”.

The methodology adopted by TVLP Institute combines high-level entrepreneurial training with incredible networking opportunities with Silicon Valley investors, entrepreneurs and consultants, along with incubators, startups and large companies. The program is designed for those who want to create a new business, a new product / service or a new application of existing technology in all areas, from food to pharmaceuticals, automotive to robotics. The course is open to those aspiring to enter new markets (thanks to venture capital and business concentration in California from around the world) or those who are merely interested in understanding the winning and positive culture of Silicon Valley.

The three weeks of total immersion comprises classroom lessons in English, with faculty drawn from some of the most prestigious Universities in Silicon Valley (Stanford, Berkeley, and Santa Clara); Personal mentoring by investors, entrepreneurs and consultants, Participation in social and networking events with investors and entrepreneurs; Visits to incubators, startups or large companies

For the "Technology Venture Launch Program" - Summer 2017 from July 10 to 29, TVLP offers scholarships in several countries with a particular emphasis on supporting female entrepreneurship.

More information and application forms available on www.tvlp.co 
Application deadline: July 5, 2017

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