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COVID-19 Participant Information and Helps

COVID-19 Participant Information and Helps

last update Feb 5, 2021


In-person programs

We are monitoring the status of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) closely in the California Bay Area and in the 42+ countries our participants come from. Although limitations to enter the U.S. have been removed there are still requirements for travelers arriving from overseas. Vaccination is in progress and California has created a monitoring program called "Blueprint for a Safer Economy".

TVLP remain committed to offer in-person programs as soon as the state and county lift the current limitations. 

Admitted participants are invited to stay in touch and share mutual updates. If you still have a chance to travel to California contact your admission specialist to discuss how we could accommodate your needs.

Applications are open and selection is progressing at regular speed. As always, there is no application fee. Scholarships and other financial aid are regularly assigned. Applicants are invited to consider in-person programs in Summer 2021 and to discuss all participation opportunities with their Admission Specialist including options in case of issues in attending the program.

We understand that these extraordinary circumstances are affecting all of our participants. A Deferred Tuition Program and a Reduced Deposit is offered to admitted applicants. Financial aid packages are different for each country. 

New Virtual programs

TVLP programs are a very immersive experience. We developed a series of tools and methodologies for offering a similar experience in an online/virtual format. TVLP Virtual Programs for corporate clients and groups are available since late 2020. Applications for Virtual programs for Individuals and small teams are now open!


For Companies and Groups

Our Group and Corporate programs are currently offered in a Virtual/Online format. Your team can save traveling costs and give access to our World's top experts to a larger number of participants. 
Coronavirus has changed the world and so has your business. Venture capitalists and experts from Silicon Valley can help you make important decisions, innovate your company with emerging technologies, and find new business opportunities.
Get advice from who have founded startups - now large companies; generated IPOs; and served iconic Silicon Valley companies in executive roles including at Apple, Box, SalesForce, Amazon, Dropbox, Google, Genentech.



Engage your Team beyond traditional boundaries: lessons from Pandemic

Working remotely is becoming common practice for teams. But, how to make it effective and productive? Celebrated entrepreneurs and experts, Kimberly Wiefling and Peter Ivanov will share the best practices developed by leading and empowering remote teams all over the world for successful companies including Airbus, Toyota, Ikea, Lufthansa, and Sony. Both American, European, and Asia working cultures will be considered.
Get insights and learn practical lessons on how to create and sustain online engagement across multiple timezones and cultures.
Who should attend - Entrepreneurs, managers, and leaders challenged to guide their team more effectively and productively.


From IDEA to GETTING STARTED with great narrative

Pitching an idea and telling the story behind that is at the heart of any new venture – from raising investor capital to capture the interest of clients, key employees, partners and beyond. When you can tell a sharp message with a strong narrative, people tend to pay you extra attention.
Silicon Valley venture capitalists and experts Angelika Blendstrup, partner at SV-LATAM Fund and mentor 500 Startups, Alexander Fries, venture capitalist Alpana Ventures and Ecosystem Ventures, Marta Bulaich, partner at Crane Ventures and Ridge Ventures, and Chris Yeh, venture capitalist and Stanford University instructor, will help you get your venture’s story across effectively. Plus, you will have an opportunity to pitch in front of investors and have valuable feedback.
Who should attend - People and small teams working on a new venture or product idea. Early stage entrepreneurs and innovators.

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Workshop language is English. TVLP training programs are subject to cancellation if fewer than 10 participants register and submit payment. If the program is cancelled, any paid fees will be returned to you. If the program is not cancelled, then any fees paid are non-refundable. While the program will look similar to the one described above, the actual program is subject to change without notice e.g. due to the availability of instructors. TVLP program Terms and Conditions part I and III applies.