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TECHNEWS · Friday, June 2, 2017

35 top LG executives coming to acquire Silicon Valley Mindset

Silicon Valley is not merely a place for startups. There is something in this entrepreneur friendly environment that attracts large companies from all over the world to open a branch in the area, where American giants such as Apple, Google, HP, Intel and many more are just around the corner. The Silicon Valley mindset promotes ambitious goals across companies of all sizes, and the prevalent culture that has been developed with this mindset inspires internal entrepreneurs to launch and develop new ventures in their companies. Development of Gmail, one of the leading products of Google, by its employees is just one example among many.

With this in mind, TVLP Institute has launched an Express program (TVLPx) for corporate executives to transfer values of Silicon Valley culture to large companies of any sector from anywhere in the world. During June 8-16, TVLP is hosting a group of top executives from LG Corporation, a world leading company in electronics, chemicals and telecommunication products. 35 executives from various LG divisions will come to Menlo Park, California to participate in this Express program.

Through this new “corporate” model, TVLP hosts and trains executives from visionary companies that always want to be one step ahead. TVLP will share its experience and knowledge, which are developed through many years and will be delivered by Silicon Valley entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, and professors from top universities (Stanford, UC Berkeley, Santa Clara) in northern California.

During the upcoming TVLPx in June, LG executives will have the opportunity to improve their skills to evaluate ideas, recognize potentials and stimulate innovations. They will interact with and learn from innovators, technologists and venture capitalists from Silicon Valley. They will also work on developing ideas to create new products and services through new technologies or established technologies but in new contexts. TVLPx is a total immersion in Silicon Valley mindset aimed to improve the capacity to value a team, to communicate efficiently within a team and to better organize time and resources in a team.

This new “corporate” model is tailored for all large companies that have a we-can-do-better mantra within their DNA, and want to set ambitious goals, pursue them, overcome challenges and achieve them just like in Silicon Valley.

Who will follow in the same footsteps?

Application deadline in a few days