TVLP is the Silicon Valley Institute of Technology Entrepreneurship and Innovation. Our top immersion programs on technology venture creation are offered in Menlo Park, the heart of Silicon Valley. Each program is beautifully designed to provide, in a very short time, state-of-the-art Training, Personalised Mentoring, and Networking Opportunities with investors, entrepreneurs, incubators, startups, and tech companies.

We receive applications from 40+ countries. TVLP applicants are entrepreneurs, executives, and innovators seeking to acquire a Silicon Valley Mindset and improve their entrepreneurial skills. Participant age is 21-60+

TVLP Institute works also with visionary companies, like LG Group of South Korea, for corporate programs or to expose their leades to an 'intrapreneurial' culture and support process of digital transformation.

Change your life, Think Big

Learn from The World's Best
Learn from a 'dream-team' faculty comprising celebrated entrepreneurs,
venture capitalists, industry top-executives, and thought leaders teaching also at
Silicon Valley top universities (Stanford, Berkeley, and Santa Clara)

Empower Your Entire Life
Grow your career and your venture in a unique program combining
top Training, Mentoring, and Networking opportunities

Become part of the Greatest Entrepreneurial Ecosystem
Experience the unique energy and excitement of the region which fostered the creation of
Apple, Google, Amazon, Twitter, Intel, HP, and Tesla.
Join a global network of talents selected by TVLP in all continents.


TVLP faculty includes top Silicon Valley investors, industry executives, entrepreneurs, and thought leaders.
It is composed by 30+ members including stable and occasional members. Main members are featured here

Naeem Zafar Serial entrepreneur (6 startups, 1 IPO) and Lecturer UC Berkeley
Juan Montermoso Professor of marketing, Santa Clara University
Lynda Smith Faculty member Stanford University. CMO, Jibo and Twilio
Ming D. Leung Assistant Professor Haas School of Business, UC Berkeley
Tammy L. Madsen Professor of Strategy, School of Business, Santa Clara University
Angelika Blendstrup Co-founder SV LATAM Fund. Lecturer Stanford University
Tom Kosnik Professor at Stanford University and Early stage Investor
Dan Levin Operating Partner at Khosla Ventures. Past President and COO
David S. Carlick Venture capitalist and Entrepreneur. Co-founder Doubleclick
Carol M. Sands Investor. Founder of The Angels’ Forum and GP of The Halo Funds. Instructor Stanford University
Chris Yeh Venture capitalist and best-selling author
Marta Bulaich Past VP Canaan Partners and Associate DFJ Venture
Steven Goldberg Venture capitalist at Venrock
Angelo Del Priore Venture capitalist at HP Ventures
Julie Cavanna-Jerbic Past CIO and CFO, Hewlett-Packard
Francine Gordon Professor of Management, Santa Clara University
Jared Waxman Head of Growth, PubNub and Yahoo
Azmat Malik Angel investor and past Senior Executive of marketing
Kimberly Wiefling Globally recognized author on Business Leadership
Dennis Sakamoto Actor and Director in Hollywood films, TV programs, commercials

Areas of Interest

The Institute activities spread over several areas of Entrepreneurship, Technology, and Innovation

Team building Talent management
Venture organization
Employee Incentives
Startup culture
Strategic positioning Design thinking
Innovation Trends
Market opportunities
Customer targets
New revenue models
Business development Agile/lean startup methods
Growth generation
Startup finance Financial models
Venture capital
Strategic investments
Exit strategies
Pitching and Communication Storytelling
Speaker Coaching
Attract investors
Effective communication
Pitching Art
Leadership Learn from CEOs
Execution and Operations
Entrepreneurial lessons
Startup Legals
Venture scaling
Business Culture Networking
Time management
Investor mindset
Startup culture
Doing busioness in Silicon Valley
Personal development Entrepreneurship as working culture
Develop talents and human capital to facilitate career

Select your Program

X-RED: One week very immersive program about Selecting a business idea and Designing & Launching a new venture/product. All the fundamental elements of the Silicon Valley Mindset included. X-BLUE: One week about Developing a business and Finding capital. Designed for established ventures of any size (from two people team to VC backed or mid-size company) and professionals. X-GREEN: One week advanced training about Leading a company and Scaling it up. Entrepreneurs and executives interested in improving leadership skills and growing their business should attend. Download X-Programs Brochure FLAGSHIP: Our most comprehensive program. 3-week unique experince that includes X-Red, Blue, and Green as well the Venture Lab. It is specifically designed to work on a venture project and develop an investor pitch. Boost yourself and your company, growth your network, and acquire a powerful entrepreneurial Mindset. Download FP Brochure
CORPORATE & CUSTOM PROGRAM: One week or More program in a corporate style for large clients and groups looking for a custom immersion experience. Program is designed around the client needs. Participants are top executives, managers or delegations interested in developing intrapreneurship skills. ONE DAY IMMERSION: Join TVLP Institute for a one or two day super immersive program. Hear from experts in your industry; learn the innovation mindset behind Silicon Valley iconic companies; and be exposed to the best learning opportunities of the TVLP Institute. Download TVLPc Brochure Shape your program, contact TVLP Corporate Team INNOVATION INITIATIVES : Digital Transformation using our X-Programs, e.g. (1) An industry focused program for your leaders and selected international entrepreneurs to create cross-contamination on latest innovations; (2) Multi-program agreement to let your best employees to attend TVLP programs with a special rate. Learn more, contact TVLP Corporate Team

Additional information

Programs with participants from several countries (Europe, Middle-East, Asia, Latin America). Participants should apply and pass a selection process. Scholarships available in several countries.

Additional information

Corporate & Custom Program and One Day Immersion are for 20 or more participants. Innovation Initiative is for 10 or more participants. Program duration, topics, and goals can be customized. Group travel ticket and accommodation can be included.

Tuition and Financial Aid

X-PROGRAM RED, BLUE, GREEN Early Bird: $3,000 USD (By Dec 30) Program Fee: $3,500 USD (about* 3.090 €) FLAGSHIP Early Bird: $5,400 USD (By Dec 30) Program Fee: $5,900 USD (about* 5.200 €) Included & Not included Program Fee includes: Tuition, Course materials, Transportation to events, meetings, visits, Program Events, and Select Meals. It doesn't include: Accommodation (from $72/day), Flight, Health Insurance (about $60), Shuttle from/to Airport (about $25), Individually suggested events/meetings, Regular meals, or Passport costs.
Scholarship and Full Aid Available aid are listed in this page. Scholarship reduces participation cost (E.g. a $1,000 Scholarship reduces X-Program program fee from $3,500 USD to $2,500 USD - about* 2.200 €). Full Aid fully covers program fee. Apply when filling out program application form. Financial aid does not apply to discounted program fee beneficials. Scholarships TEAM - X-Program $1,000 USD Scholarship or Flagship $1,500 USD Scholarship for 2-3 members of same team applying same day FEMALE FOUNDERS - Three X-Program $1,000 USD scholarships and three Flagship $1,500 USD scholarships for female entrepreneurs SPECIAL JAPAN - One X-Program $1,500 USD scholarship and one Flagship $2,000 USD scholarship SPECIAL "Resto al Sud" for ITALY - Two X-Program $1,000 USD scholarships, supported by "Resto al Sud" magazine, for innovators willing to create ventures in South Italy BAIA for ITALY - One $1,000 USD scholarship (X-Program or Flagship) in Life Science thanks to Business Association Italy America, BAIA Legal Tech - One X-Program $1,000 USD scholarship for a EUROPEAN innovator in Legal Tech GERMANY - One X-Program $1,000 USD scholarship in Blockchain SCANDINAVIAN LIFE SCIENCE - One X-Program $1,000 USD scholarship and one Flagship $1,500 USD scholarship EUROPEAN Artificial Intelligence - One X-Program $1,000 USD scholarship and one Flagship $1,500 USD scholarship KUWAIT - One X-Program $1,000 USD scholarship and one Flagship $1,500 USD scholarship GERMANY and UK - Two X-Program $1,000 USD scholarships and two Flagship $1,500 USD scholarships Full Aid Not available at this time Other Aid? Join TVLP newsletter
30+ nationalities
All continents

Alumni feedback

"It opens your mind.
You start thinking more widely and dreaming."
Student Entrepreneurship, Kingston University
"One of the 5 best things I have ever done in my life!" GIUSEPPE DE MASO-GENTILE, ITALIAN
CEO & Founder TANGIS
"Networking is the secret of Silicon Valley. TVLP connected me with angel investors and famous venture capitalists" BALINT VOJNITS, HUNGARIAN
CEO & Founder FindLost24
“It helped me to look into the future.
This is what Silicon Valley is.”
CEO & Founder UVIZR
"Silicon Valley is the epicenter of global innovation. From business angels to TechShop SF, lawyers and accelerators, you realize that the big companies you knew before are only part of this ecosystem" FRANCO AMIGONI, ITALIAN
CEO SincronPolis

ALUMNI PROFILE - Age: 21-60+ years old. Field: Artificial intelligence, Life science, IoT, Social innovation, Retail, Fintech.
Role: CEO, Top Executive, Scientist, Manager, Startup founder, Solo-Entrepreneur, Scientist, Innovator.

What are you waiting for?

ProgramProgram DatesApplication Deadline
FLAGSHIPnot available
X-RedMarch 18 - 23, 2019 (1 week)close
X-BlueMarch 26 - 31, 2019 (1 week)Dec 30, 2018
X-Greennot available
FLAGSHIPMay 20 - June 8, 2019 (3 w)Dec 30, 2018
X-RedMay 20 - 25, 2019 (1 week)Dec 30, 2018
X-BlueMay 28 - June 2, 2019 (1 week)Dec 30, 2018
X-GreenJune 3 - 8, 2019 (1 week)Dec 30, 2018
FLAGSHIPJuly 8 - 27, 2019 (3 weeks)Dec 30, 2018
X-RedJuly 8 - 13, 2019 (1 week)Dec 30, 2018
X-BlueJuly 15 - 20, 2019 (1 week)Dec 30, 2018
X-GreenJuly 22 - 27, 2019 (1 week)Dec 30, 2018
FALL 2019
FLAGSHIPOct 2019 (3 weeks)not-open
X-RedOct 2019 (1 week)Dec 30, 2018
X-BlueOct 2019 (1 week)not-open
X-GreenOct 2019 (1 week)not-open

ADMISSIONS - Max 10 participants are selected on a rolling basis: Early Action matters!
VISA - If you need a visa to enter the USA, consider to apply to first round

No application fee

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