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TECHNEWS · Friday, February 9, 2024

Opportunities after coronavirus for companies and entrepreneurs in California

What can we learn from COVID-19, and how can it be applied to building new companies? We update our training programs to support entrepreneurs and companies in addressing the market opportunities after the pandemic.

Coronavirus has changed the world, and so has your business. Venture capitalists and Silicon Valley experts can help you make essential decisions, innovate your company with emerging technologies, and find new business opportunities. TVLP Institute has created a series of training programs to get advice from those who have founded startups - now large companies -, generated IPOs, and served iconic Silicon Valley companies in executive roles, including at Apple, Box, SalesForce, Amazon, Dropbox, Google, and Genentech.

In-person programs are open! The United States borders have been open since 2022, and California's economy is growing again. TVLP in-person programs are running, and applications are processed at a regular speed. You can apply for scholarships and other financial aid, including a Deferred Tuition Program offered in selected countries. And, if you are an IEEE member you might attend a sponsored program. 

Attending a virtual program is also an option. TVLP programs are a very immersive experience. However, if you have travel limitations or limited time, consider a virtual experience. During the pandemic, TVLP developed tools and methodologies for offering a similar experience to its acclaimed programs in a virtual live online format. You can save traveling and accommodation costs and don't have to compromise with any family and professional responsibilities. Virtual programs usually have one session per week during the weekend. You can always visit California and complete your training with an in-person program anytime.

There are several private custom opportunities for groups and companies. TVLP group and corporate programs are custom projects of any duration and learning goals built around the client's needs. Programs are virtual-live or in-person. Your team can save traveling costs, give access to TVLP's world's top experts, and prepare its top management for future innovation, including the impact of artificial intelligence on several industries.

Ph. credit Sebastian Banasiewcz, Unsplash

Application deadline in a few days