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TECHNEWS · Wednesday, May 10, 2023

TVLP and Santa Clara County provide scholarships to entrepreneurs from Florence

A bridge between the born-place of brilliant minds like the engineering of Brunelleschi and Leonardo da Vinci and Silicon Valley to foster new ventures in one of the most vibrant Italian cities.

TVLP Institute partners with the County of Santa Clara to provide scholarships to innovators and young entrepreneurs from the Metropolitan City of Florence in Italy, home to many masterpieces of Renaissance art, architecture, and engineering and - in the modern era - host of successful ventures in pharma, fashion, and manufacturing.

The County of Santa Clara and the Metropolitan City of Florence have a Sister County relationship that promotes the exchange of art, commerce, culture, education, and technology. The County has established the Florentine Young Entrepreneurs Technology Grant for young entrepreneurs who want to create a new venture and learn the Silicon Valley best practices.

TVLP Institute contributes to addressing this goal by matching dollar-for-dollar the County financial aid for one or more successful applicants who will qualify to attend a TVLP Institute in-person immersive program. Silicon Valley entrepreneurs and other successful Santa Clara County residents contribute to this project by offering additional learning and networking opportunities.

Santa Clara County is the epicenter of Silicon Valley, with cities like Cupertino, Mountain View, Sunnyvale, and San Jose. It hosts some of the most advanced tech companies - Apple, Google, Cisco, Intuit, Nvidia, HP, Amazon, etc. - and is home to entrepreneurs and venture capitalists.

See for details about this scholarship and how to apply.

And, if you are from somewhere other than Florence but interested in connecting with Italian talents, innovators, and entrepreneurs from other countries, consider applying to the TVLP programs. There are various scholarships to support brilliant minds from several countries working on remarkable technologies that could improve the world. See the different financial aids from TVLP and its partners by filling out the application form (no application fee).

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Application deadline in a few days