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Programs for Technology Leaders (sponsored by IEEE)

Programs for IEEE Technology Leaders

Virtual or In-Person in Silicon Valley, choose between an entire program and single modules to provide new skills and support IEEE members' professional development. FLAGSHIP is an acclaimed certificate program composed of 3 modules. Or select individual modules – Red, Blue, or Green – each designed to be a stand-alone course.
Sponsored by IEEE Technology & Engineering Management Society, Silicon Valley Chapter. IEEE members discount.

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Learning Modules

Complete all modules and receive the Certificate, or attend selected modules based on your learning needs.

Advance your abilities to build successful new companies or innovation projects. Learn all the basics, including finding a new business opportunity, defining an uncovered need through Design Thinking, business models and go-to-market, prototyping, agile and lean startup methodologies, validation and early traction generation.

Acquire skills: Problem solving, analytical thinking, adaptability, attention to detail, creativity, flexibility, innovation.

Duration: 1 week in-person or 10 weeks virtual.


Boost your knowledge in financing, running, and growing a new venture. Venture capitalists and seasoned entrepreneurs will teach you the investor mindset, Silicon Valley innovation and technology trends, storytelling, financials for new ventures, capital sources, selecting and managing investors/advisors, negotiation, and other critical success factors.

Acquire skills: Relationship building, goal setting, communication, negotiation, conflict resolution, finance management.

Duration: 1 week in-person or 10 weeks virtual.


Empower and drive a team. Learn from experienced Silicon Valley executives and senior leaders that turned some of the most successful startups into iconic companies. Topics include: venture organization, building a great company culture, operations planning, decision making, cultural intelligence, diversity and ethical awareness.

Acquire skills: Leadership, teamwork, project management, active listening, dependability, decision-making.

Duration: 1 week in-person or 10 weeks virtual.

Technology Entrepreneurship Program

Flagship comprehensive guidance throughout the entire entrepreneurial journey. This acclaimed program prepares entrepreneurs, scientists, and CEOs to emulate the best practices that have made Silicon Valley the icon of innovation and understand what it takes to create, grow, and lead a new venture or innovation project.

Flagship program includes Red, Blue, and Green module curriculums.
Module 1: Turning Ideas into Ventures.
Module 2: Raising Capital and Growing.
Module 3: Leading High Growth Ventures.

Certification: Certificate in Technology Entrepreneurship.

Duration: 3 weeks in-person, or a mix of virtual and in-person modules.


Meet a 'dream-team' faculty

Learn from The World's Best comprising celebrated Silicon Valley entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, industry executives, and thought leaders teaching also at Stanford, UC Berkeley, and Santa Clara university. More about TVLP Faculty

Stay flexible

Attend the comprehensive Flagship (all 3 modules) or combine individual modules – Red, Blue, or Green – each designed to be a stand-alone course. Sort the modules as best for you: start with Red, then Blue and Green, or attend Blue first. Combine Virtual (live online) part-time and In-Person full-time courses (e.g., Red Virtual and Blue In-Person), one module per year - to complete the training in 3 years - or all modules simultaneously.

Designed for IEEE members

Programs include core classes and elective mentoring labs to help high-technology workers grow and maintain essential interpersonal, professional, and engineering management skills, focusing on increasing their effectiveness and professional development. Scientists can channel scientific knowledge to innovation and learn Silicon Valley's best practices.

In-Person on the Silicon Valley campus is impressive. There are several good reasons for choosing a virtual format.

The program maximizes learning in a super-intensive schedule with 8 AM to 8 PM activities, Monday to Friday. The 'classes only' option is less intensive.

Our holistic approach encompasses a mix of classroom lectures, mentoring labs, and networking opportunities with Silicon Valley investors and leaders. Alternating on-campus and off-campus events ensures participants are always fresh and energized.


Program sessions are live-online, no recordings, every Saturday for 10 weeks, improving your skills without compromising your work and family responsibilities. Classes, mentoring labs, and supporting activities are broken into weekly bite-sized modules with incremental deadlines.

Due to the program's virtual nature, group work replaces social events to network and exchange ideas between participants.


For IEEE TEMS active members
Classes onlyFull program
FLAGSHIP 30% saving
(All 3 modules + Certificate)
select single modules$4,099
(3 weeks)
(3 weeks)
FLAGSHIP Flex 20% saving
(3 modules + Certificate)
mix Virtual and In-Person modules in 2yr
Single Module
(Red, Blue, or Green)
(10 weeks)
(1 week)
(1 week)
Mentoring Labsoptional extra
Social eventsgroup work
Visits & Meetings

See brochure for details.

EUR fees available for selected countries.

Why TVLP programs

15 participants cap

We offer top, very interactive experiences to a limited number of talents selected around each program. Classes, mentoring labs, and other parts are tuned based on goals, expectations, and participants' profiles.

Real classes, not just inspiring talks

Learn from and connect with Silicon Valley entrepreneurs, investors, and executives, part of our faculty. They are instructors with exceptional profiles and real-life experience, and classes have a structured syllabus and teaching material.

Lifelong experience

You will acquire the Silicon Valley Mindset, which will last whatever your career journey as an entrepreneur or employee. Our alumni are innovators and leaders who have built new ventures, launched products, and positively impacted their community.

More than a Graduation, we are a community

Earn a shareable certificate and show your new achievement. Most importantly, our immersive programs create solid connections among participants that become part of a Global Alumni Community with talents from 42+ countries.

What are you waiting for?

Only 15 participants selected on a rolling basis. And you may need a US visa.
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