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TECHNEWS · Friday, November 8, 2019

10 Recipes to Success for Leaders and Entrepreneurs

Get inspired by 10 recipes to success based on citations of recognized leaders and entrepreneurs

First Recipe: Stand out from the Crowd – Be different

“It’s a great thing to know you can control forces, you can be in the front, you can think out of the box to win, and you can do things that really matter.” Guy Gecht, CEO, EFI

Everything was doable; that it was just a question of hard work, of merit and that any door would open.” Marc Onetto, Senior Vice President Worldwide, Amazon

Second Recipe: Strive for Excellence

“Nevertheless, it is useful to have at least one profession or skill set that you are really, really good at, because you learn perseverance, you learn to understand the depth of a field.” Aart de Geus, CEO, Synopsys

“Spend the extra five minutes, go the extra mile”.  Alex Vieux, CEO, “Etre” and DASAR

Third Recipe: Take a Chance- Carpe Diem!

“I saw very quickly that the American system was more about what are you capable of achieving, instead of where you were coming from.” Philippe Courtot, CEO, Qualys

“Because people here are taught to think big, they are taught to think out of the box, they are taught to take risks and they are taught to tolerate failure.” Steve Westly, former Controller of California, Founder The Westly Group

Fourth Recipe: Be daring - Just go for it!

 “The biggest thing you have to have is the passion to follow your dream and you have to have the determination to convert that into something tangible.” Raj Singh, Founder & Managing Director, Redwood Ventures

“My father certainly instilled in me the spirit: “Don’t be afraid of anybody, and don’t take crap from anybody.” My father was a real maverick.” Guy Kawasaki, Managing Partner, Garage Technology Ventures

Fifth Recipe: Keep at it – push yourself

“One main thing I learned is that success is really simply a matter of always doing better tomorrow what you do today.” Khaled Olayan, Chairman of Olayan Saudi Holding Company

“I think it is the absolute complete, unfettered social mobility that is possible, so with certain very limited constraints, you are what you can achieve. Period!”  Nat Goldhaber,  Managing Director, Claremont Creek Ventures

Sixth Recipe: Be A Leader 

 “When you become a CEO, the key to being successful is actually to pick up what the right decision is, not to be right.” Guy Gecht, CEO, EFI

Seventh Recipe: Be Innovative

The biggest challenge, to be quite honest with you, was getting the Internet into operation.”
Vinton Cerf, Chief Evangelist,Google

“Because life is not just spice and curry, you know. There are other things, so keep an open mind.”
Samba Murthy, Serial Entrepreneur

Eighth Recipe: Be Passionate

“I love what I do, I do what I love and I get paid for it.” Jean-Louis Gassée, Partner, Allegis Capital

“I always had a very intense desire to do exactly what I wanted to do, both in coming to this country and starting the companies that I did.  This is still true for me today. My passion in life, if you will, is to build better products.” Andy Bechtolsheim, Co Founder, Sun Microsystems

Ninth Recipe: Build a Network

“It’s a small place. A lot of us know each other. We worked for one another at one time or the other, we have competed, we have cooperated.”  Vinton Cerf, Chief Evangelist, Google

Tenth Recipe: Give back

“I had this sense from early childhood that to be successful in life, one must do something that will outlast one’s lifetime and leave an impact for the future.”  Rajesh Gupta, Professor, UC San Diego in Computer Science 

“At a young age, success is if you meet your goals. You set goals for yourself, and if you meet them, or go beyond them, you are successful. At a later age, that is not sufficient; you want to leave your mark on society by giving back and improving life around you.” Dan Mayden, President Emeritus, Applied Materials

Peter Ivanov

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