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TECHNEWS · Thursday, January 14, 2021

Getting Started a Home based Consultant Business in Three Steps

Starting a small business can help really profit off your expertise. It can be rewarding, but also challenging. Here are three important boxes you must check to succeed.

Starting a home-based business can help entrepreneurs, freelancers, and consultants really profit off their expertise. For many professionals out there, becoming a consultant is the next logical step in becoming your own boss. Others choose to work on a per-project as a freelancer or contractor. No matter your industry - from hospitality to marketing - there are many businesses and organizations looking for advice and expertise from pros just like you.

Thinking of becoming a work-from-home business owner? There are many reasons that people do this every day. Starting your own home-based business can be rewarding, but also very challenging. Here are three important boxes you must check to succeed.

Forming an LLC

Many small business owners use their own money to get their home businesses up and running. That’s what makes forming an LLC or limited liability company a sound financial decision. As an LLC you can take advantage of tax breaks not available to people using 1099s. Plus, LLCs complete less paperwork than independent contractors. Best of all, forming an LLC protects your personal finances from any financial obligations associated with your business.

Shifting from independent work to your own LLC also builds credibility with potential clients. It creates a sense of trust and authority that can be comforting to people and companies looking to improve their own business by partnering with you. Each state in the US has slightly different requirements for filing a Certification of Formation, so do your research or hire a company that will file all the necessary paperwork for you.

Building Your Brand

Your home-based business can truly benefit from the recognition that comes with a strong brand. From logos to colors to marketing materials, your brand tells customers who you are and why they need you. TVLP Institute recommends that brands should be human, create surprises, and have empathetic communication. The Internet has made it easier to get your brand in front of potential customers. Design a user-friendly website and publish blog posts on topics that position you as a thought leader in your field.

To manage your website and other important web-based platforms—like databases or invoicing and billing programs—you’ll want to be sure you have the latest tech and hardware. Business-owners can get really good deals on popular laptops and tablets by taking advantage of online discounts and cashback offers. This applies to other tech equipment your business may need as well such as multifunction printers.

Getting Clients

Call up your references, reach out to former coworkers on social media, and get chatty with your college or grad school classmates. Everyone is a potential client—or at least has a lead for a new opportunity. If your client base is small, expand it by volunteering in your community or joining local business associations. Every effort you make to meet someone new is also an opportunity to obtain a new client.

Try your hand at writing for online publications that are read by the kinds of people you want to do business with. If that’s not an option just yet, publish blogs on LinkedIn or other professional social networking sites. If you can afford it, put a little money behind these posts to make certain they get in front of people who’d be interested in partnering with you and your business.

It takes a great deal of courage and conviction to start your own home-based business, but this is nothing new for entrepreneurs, freelancers, and consultants. Many even find this time of uncertainty to be the kickstart they needed to take the leap in the first place. From being your own boss to hiring outside support, you can create a home-based business and pave a whole new way for your professional goals.

Amy Collett 

This article is guest post kindly provided by Amy Collett, a business consultant of and writer. Ph. Credit: Unsplash

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