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The Deferred Tuition Program (DTP) provides prospective TVLP participants financial assistance to help with program fees as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Participants who have experienced a sudden financial crisis will qualify for a deferred tuition plan which will enable participants to have part of the program fee spread out in equal, zero interest payments over 2 years after the program completion.

Entrepreneurs and innovators will benefit from being able to enroll at TVLP Institute without having to stress even further about payments and bills. You can learn about how the business have changed due to COVID-19 global outbreak, launch a new venture, or improve your career acquiring new entrepreneurial skills during a unique Silicon Valley program.

The DTP is a payment model: should not reduce any financial aid participant is receiving from federal, state, or local administrations. DTP is currently available for the U.S. only.

How it works

A prospective participant is able to apply to defer up to $2,000 of the program fee and/or accommodation fee. That deferred amount will then be spread equally over the next 2 years. Program confirmation deposit is reduced to $500.

EXAMPLE - If a program fee is $3,500 the deposit under the DTP will be $500. The payment before program start date will be $2,000. Program takes place in October 2020. The remaining program fee of $1,000 will be deferred over 2 years after the program with 4 charges every 6 months of $250 each on March 2021, September 2021, March 2022, September 2022.


Q: How do I qualify?

TVLP Institute is utilizing a simple and straightforward review process that includes a brief application answering some basic questions about your situation and how your typical ability to pay was affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, along with a copy of your credit score. This application will be reviewed by our Financial Aid and Admissions Team to make a determination if the program is a good fit.

Q: Do I have to defer the whole amount?

No. We will make a decision, based on what you share, that seems to make the most financial sense for you. You can certainly opt to defer less if you want/need.

Q: Am I getting charged interest on this deferred amount?

No. This is a zero interest payment plan that allows participants to be in good standing and acquire new skills in Silicon Valley.

Q: If I take advantage of this program, will I have restrictions?

No. Participants on the DTP will be full participants.

Q: Can I pay the deferment early?

Absolutely. You can. We are fixing the payment in equal distribution over the next 2 years, but if you feel that in a year you can pay off the deferment amount because things have turned around, then you can pay it off early.


Deferred program and accommodation fees are regulated by the same terms and conditions that applies to program fee and accommodation fee. If a participant chooses to leave a TVLP program or not attend the program or any other issue affecting the program participation, participant will be responsible for all deferred, unpaid program, accommodation, and/or any other fee; payment will be due at the time of withdrawal.
Program and accommodation fees are subject to change.
DTP can not be combined with other financial aid.