Silicon Valley Workshop: From Idea to Innovation

Sept 20-23, 2020, Bologna (Italy)

Seats are limited


IEEE TEMS International Conference on Technology and Entrepreneurship will take place in Bologna, Italy and includes a special one-day workshop powered by the TVLP Institute of California.
Silicon Valley venture capitalists and experts, with the contribution of TVLP alumni, will share the 'Valley' way to create new ventures and the mindset of a venture capitalist.  A series of 3 hands-on sessions and a panel event to learn the secrets behind the Bay Area successful  technology startup and iconic companies. Scientists, innovators, entrepreneurs and EU investors should attend. 

A unique opportunities for TVLP Followers based in Europe that have limited opportunities to attend a TVLP immersive program and accelerator in Silicon Valley.

Workshop can be more effective if participant arrives with a business project to work on. Small teams are welcome too! Seats are limited. Register today!

Evolving Program

8:30 AM Registration (workshop checkin)

9 AM Class - Building Disruptive Innovations
- From need to solution (not vice-versa)
- Identify opportunity generated by technology changes and other trends
- Challenges for startups and the daunting task of disrupting established big players
- Leadership requirements for constructive disruption
- How to find funding and win investor confidence
- Scaling requirements - maintaining culture while building a bigger team
- The venture capital game
- Lessons from most common mistakes and secrets to be successful

11 AM Class - Launch your venture-backed company
- Power of storytelling
- Build a powerful value proposition
- Create differentiation from competitors and build tech/market barriers
- Go to market and validation of your product/service

2 PM Class - Finance the Startup: entrepreneur vs. businessman
- Raising capital in Silicon Valley
- Founding team and role of the advisors
- The venture capital language
- What an investor is looking for
- The investment journey: Pitching to investors/VCs, their due diligence, closing a deal with them

4 PM Panel discussion and Networking - Predict the Future: Investment and Innovation trends in Silicon Valley
- The future of ride sharing: disappointments of Lyft and Uber IPOs, EVs and flying cars
- Distributed teams: success of Zoom, Slack, etc.
- Fintech - changing the banking industry
- Food tech - the success of Beyond Meat and how the food industry is changing
- Bitcoin, future of distributed ledgers and other emerging Blockchain applications

(last program update Feb 5, 2020)

Speakers and Mentors

Angelika Blendstrup Partner SV-LATAM Fund. Lecturer Stanford University
Ron Weissman Investor, Band of Angels and past Director, NeXT Computer [Apple]

Seats are limited

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Workshop language is English. Workshop access is limited to conference participants, to TVLP follower, and to TVLP alumni. TVLP training programs are subject to cancellation if fewer than 10 participants register and submit payment. If the program is cancelled, any paid fees will be returned to you. If the program is not cancelled, then any fees paid are non-refundable. While the program will look similar to the one described above, the actual program is subject to change without notice due to the availability of instructors, entrepreneurs, investors, facilities, and networking events. TVLP programs Terms and Conditions part I and III applies. TVLP programs are cultural, scientific, and educational events designed in California, USA. Program fee allows access to a TVLP Institute program.

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